Who we are


Future Concerns Nigeria Limited (FCNL) is the operator of The Future Concerns Safety Center and Specialises in Providing Optimum Support Services for the Oil and Gas Industry within the HSE sub sector, creating an “INTELLIGENT ONE-STOP-SHOP BUSINESS SOLUTION” for corporate clients and in support of creating a safer workplace in Nigeria.

The Future Concerns Safety Center is an intelligent one-stop shop and safety resource featuring vast specialized division spanning the entire HSE space. We hold large inventory of PPE and specialized safety equipment and instruments in line with our mission to provide a true time cost effective local solution for our clients.

The Future Concerns Safety features an all pro after sales support program highlighted by several maintenance and service centres within our facility ensuring potent cost savings and maximising our clients brown and existing equipment.
Our maintenance facilities holds large volumes of relevant spares and hosted by well trained globally certified technicians. Services include gas detection servicing, SCBAs and vast related maintenance solutions, training centers alongside a prescription vision safety lab all to highest global safety standards. We stock millions of dollars worth of safety equipment locally for the region.

Future Concerns Service is a value proposition availing an exciting time cost effective service that provides uninterrupted supply and support of globally certified quality safety and personal protective equipment (PPE), ultimately with a view to improving existing safety regiment for corporate clients. In the course of the past 20 years of serving our individual and corporate clients alike; we have built a formidable service which guarantees productivity and business results for the safety sub-sector hinged on the following:

Mission Statement

As professional service provider of industry certified occupational Health and Safety products, our mission is to create a business climate, which nurtures and rewards long-term relationship with our customers, employees, manufacturers and partners.

We are genuinely committed to developing a mutually satisfactory alliance between each group and seek to justify their loyalty

Vision Statement

To be the best, the very best Corporate and Engineered Safety and Service Company we can possibly be whilst providing consistently maximum true total quality support to our clients.

We will maintain a positive and leading posture and an active deliberate passionate pursuit of excellence in all facets of our business.

The fulcrum of our growth within and externally will be Competence, Innovation, Respect and Decency in all facets of our business.

Quality Policy Statement

Future Concerns Nigeria Limited is committed to providing quality services to our clients in the field of Corporate and Engineered Safety solutions that will consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

These services are provided with commitment to the requirements of the NIS ISO 9001:2015 standards while ensuring responsibility and commitment towards continual improvement of the Quality Management System.

We also ensure compliance with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and endeavor to maximize customer satisfaction with the services provided by Future Concerns Nigeria Limited.

Passionate Pursuit & Commitment to Excellence

A Robustly Engineered System Developed & Deployed By Interdisciplinary Approach phenomenon featuring an ensemble cast of professionals with diverse disciplines, hardware, software amalgamated concisely in right proportions within segments by engineering principles & the interdisciplinary approach privileges.

The Future Concerns Group has critically acclaimed strategic international alliances with global leading brands & consists of diverse services with same Mission , Vision & common thread bothering around Innovation, Technology Deployment, High Performance, Creativity, Leadership & Passionate pursuit and commitment to excellence toward positive trajectory realizing progress stems from initiative, strategy, evolution and separation from the norm.

All group and individual parts working together in synchrony, maximizing individual privileges towards common goal high performance delivered in multi-facets.

The fulcrum of growth internally and externally will be competence, respect, innovation and client focus.

QHSE Policy

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The 3S&T Value Proposition


Sales of all MSA equipment with MSA Warranty on individual products


Complete after sales service on all MSA range of equipment from gas detectors (portable and fixed) to breathing apparatus assembly. Guarab=nteed quality leadership in service delivery for instrument fleets thus ensuring top of the line fleet management by MSA Globally Certified Technicians


Spares availiable in large volumes and delivered seamlessly in synchrony with your operations


World class certified awarding training locally offered by MSA Certified trainers.