MSA Latchways Overhead System Installation


OLAM Cocoa Ghana established in 1994, today Ghana is one of the leading agro and ingredients company in Africa. OLAM Cocoa Ghana as well export cocoa and cashew grown by more than 300,000 farmers, OLAM Cocoa Ghana also import as well as process grains, rice, and offer a range of packaged foods such as biscuits and tomato mix for Ghanaians and regional consumer markets.


OLAM Cocoa Ghana has a huge warehouse of about 200m length by 80m width. The warehouse is used for stacking Cocoa Bean about 12m high. The operators get safe access and exit from that height but have fall risks during operations on the stack. In this case, an Overhead Fall Arrest System will be required to keep operators safe at all time working at such height.

MSA Latchways Solution

MSA West Africa installed a 6-lane (6 Users per lane) Overhead Fall Arrest System for the warehouse to ensure unstacking procedures are free from fall risks in the aforementioned warehouse.