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MSA Service Nigeria:
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As a natural progression of sustained excellence in equipment maintenance service, Future Concerns Nigeria Limited partnered with the world’s Leading Safety Equipment Manufacturer, MSA and built a world class Service Center which specializes in Gas & Flame Detection, Fall Protection & Engineered Systems, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), and a host of Technical related works (servicing, repairs, calibration) delivered in-country in Real time.


To be the world’s leading provider of safety solutions that protect workers when life is on the line. We pursue this vision with an unsurpassed commitment to integrity, customer service, and product innovation that creates exceptional value for all Clients.


To see to it that men and women may work in safety and that they, their families and their communities may live in health throughout the world.

The 3S&T Value Proposition


Sales of all MSA equipment with MSA Warranty on individual products


Complete after sales service on all MSA range of equipment from gas detectors (portable and fixed) to breathing apparatus assembly. Guarab=nteed quality leadership in service delivery for instrument fleets thus ensuring top of the line fleet management by MSA Globally Certified Technicians


Spares availiable in large volumes and delivered seamlessly in synchrony with your operations


World class certified awarding training locally offered by MSA Certified trainers.


Fixed Gas and Flame Detection

Recalibrate your expectations with world-class MSA Fixed Gas Detection solutions deployed by globally trained Engineers and installers tailored to your operation’s needs for all work environments in conformance to global regulations.

Fall Protection & Engineered System

Customized fall protection solutions with our range of Latchways® systems with thorough understanding of work at height safety challenges and needs backed by a team of experts and dedicated installers that are offering tailored solutions in nearly every work environment, monitoring legislative developments around the world to comply with new regulations.

Portable Gas Detection

MSA’s multi-gas detectors are used in the marine, offshore and in waste management, sewer and by fire fighters. MSA Portable gas detectors are used for various scenarios as personnel protection, confined space entry, clearance measurements, Fire fighting. Our models are available as single gas detectors or multi-gas detectors capable of monitoring up to 6 different toxic and flammable gases.

Breading Apparatus Services & Maintenance

MSA's Latchways fall protection and engineered solutions provide unparalleled protection on a wide range of buildings and structures, including industrial units, manufacturing plants, warehouses, loading bays, and office complexed. Choose from permanent installations such as horizontal, vertical, overhead, or ladder systems, to the flexible VersiRail for occasional needs.

Deployment Overview

Project Planning & Development

MSA believes in developing and optimising its service solutions, together with its customers. Not only does MSA offer recommendations and advice on the purchase of PPE products, but it also provices you with the fexiblility to choose the range of services you require, as wellas the length of time your contract should run. The key to lasting performance lies in the development of individual, customised solutions that service individual needs and requirements.

Installation and Commissioning

The integration of this Fixed Gas and Flame Detection System is best initiated during the design phase using the Gas Mapping Service. MSA’s flame and gas mapping solution assists in the evaluation of flame & gas risks within a process facility and seeks to reduce those risks towards an acceptable risk profile. Flame and gas mapping considers the application, sensor technologies, detector placement, zoning, probability of alarming with voting and non-voting systems, and the best measurement range to achieve the highest possible detection coverage - ultimately determining the optimal number of detectors.

System Modification

Due to technological evolution, system upgrade, Turn-Around-Maintenance, etc., the need to make some infrastructural changes to the facility may arise. During this phase, MSA, ably represented by Future Concerns Nigeria Limited in West Africa, will be fully available to support the client.


Periodic maintenance, servicing and calibration is part of our value proposition. Our team of Globally Certified Technicians (GCTs) offer these services at the Fixed Gas and Flame Detection Lab, Lekki, Lagos or at the client location when necessary.

Repair and Service

Our GCTs are well equipped in handling servicing and repairs of this system. This may be carried out at the lab or at client’s location, depending on the nature of operation to be done. All necessary steps taken to restore a fully functional system will be duly communicated and recommended to our client.


We are also able to provide some instructional certificate trainings such as Gas Tester Certificate Training and Proficiency Training. All to include the use, proper care and industry standardized competence building. This enables you to get the most out of MSA’s wide range of products and services. MSA TRAINING can be offered on location or at the Service Center.