Fall Protection & Engineered System

Nobody Understands the Gravity of the Situation Better

Because we provide customized fall protection solutions all around West Africa with our range of Latchways® systems, Future Concerns has a thorough understanding of work at height safety challenges and needs.
Our product leadership is backed by a team of experts and dedicated installers that are offering tailored solutions in nearly every work environment.
And Future Concerns and MSA are always thinking ahead— monitoring legislative developments around the world so that we can respond quickly with products and services designed to comply with new regulations without sacrificing productivity.

Our Value offerings are per application which could be Horizontal, Vertical, Inclined and more. Below are cross-section of our services. These Systems could be Permanent or temporary.

CFP Rooftop Fall Arrest System

An easy-to-install, reliable and cost-effective rooftop Lifeline safety solution for standing seam roof, composite roof, membrane roof, and more. Constant Force post (CFP) top-fixes to the roofing sheet, therefore simplifying installation, saving time and protecting structures from compromise. With Constant Force technology as its governing principle, the load generated in an event of a fall is absorbed through the Constant Force Post system, minimizing loads placed on the roof structure.

Ladder Vertical Lifeline System

Vertical Ladder Lifeline Kits allow for hands-free movement through the entire height of a fixed ladder, eliminating the need to disconnect and find new tie-off points while ascending or descending the ladder. These vertical ladder lifeline kits come in multiple lengths for different ladder heights and must be used in conjunction with a LadderLatch™ climbing device. Vertical Lifeline Systems for ladders provide outstanding personal safety for individuals working on any type of fixed tower and industrial ladder. The Vertical Lifeline Systems for towers and ladders have the inherent flexibility to be configured for use on virtually any design of ladder or tower.

Fall Protection Training (Physical & Virtual):

Our Fall Protection Training provides full knowledge of fall risks, fall protection systems and their application. We offer a hands-on training on use and maintenance of various fall protection equipment ranging from Lanyards, Full Body Harnesses, Retractable Lanyards, etc. We also offer a virtual experience of fall protection systems applications using our Virtual Reality System Technology to put trainees in a place of fall risk alongside equipment available to mitigate or eliminate the risk.

Specification Services for Architects and Designers

The Future Concerns team has a comprehensive offering for architects and designers. We have decades of experience through the Latchways brand and can provide you with a full specification service including the detailed design of fall protection system layouts, NBS / NBS Create specs, standard fixing details and a full suite of BIM models. We also deliver CPD sessions to all architectural, surveyor and consulting engineer practices.

Confined Space Entry Solution

Confined space entry systems allow for vertical or horizontal safe entry into manhole applications such tanks, vessels, transformers and sewers. These systems are lightweight, portable and easy to setup and use. Confined space entry kits provide safe entry and egress from manholes without risking a third party rescuer.

Overhead Fall Arrest System Solution

Overhead Systems are permanent fall protection systems for maintenance works in environments such as warehouses, loading bays, factories, maintenance bays and airplane hangars. 500kg system pre-tension allow single spans of max. 60 m and provide safety solution for up to 3-5 users simultaneously. Intermediate brackets can be passed smoothly with a Multi-Span Trolleys if more than 60 m lifeline length are needed or enough ground clearance is not given

Fall Risk Assessment

We offer an initial Fall Risk Assessment complimentary service to our clients to enable a more bespoke and cost effective solution to different fall risks in client’s facility. This assessment offers a great and detailed Gap Analysis report and Quantitative Risk Assessment report. Beyond the safety gaps, we also offer an Enhancement Safety Assessment (ESA), which gears towards improving your already existing safety systems with recent technologies for current standard compliance.

Fall Protection PPE

We offer wide range of fall protection personal protective equipment with a time cost effective corporate safety support & value addition to your operations. The product ranges from Energy absorbing lanyards (single and double), Full body harnesses, Retractable lanyards (single and double), personal rescue devices, third party rescue utility system, etc. This comes with a tier-one after-sales support and services.